Our philosophy

Our corporate philosophy New products developed by Joachim Gerhard are sold under the SUESSKIND Audio label. In addition, Mr. Gerhard is available through Suesskind Audio as a developer for other companies. Joachim Gerhard is now considered a world-famous veteran of the high-end industry. His reputation is based on legendary successes as developer, co-founder and later sole owner of Audio Physic GmbH. Many of his ideas found their way into specialist books and scientific papers or were incorporated into other products.

In recent years, there has unfortunately been an increasing trend away from performance and towards marketing. This has led to more and more pressure on many companies, which is weighing on the employees: More work in less time, more and more new products in the same period of time. Added value is being shifted to the Far East. There is less and less room for creative initiatives of the employees, the management style demands loyalty to the Nibelung. Everything that does not submit to a polished "image culture" is swept under the emotional carpet with simple arguments of globalization and price increases. There are plenty of job seekers who can be served cheaply in the pool. There is a climate of plannable and instrumental grasping of supposed sonic and formal breakthrough criteria. The product is styled at the green table for a controllable consumer group. Put simply, the first thing that is planned ice-cold every day is how to earn even more money quickly.

In the past, Joachim Gerhard became increasingly clear that this is not the path he wanted to be pushed into. Rather, his corporate philosophy was based on the values of the social market economy, which made German companies world-famous in the fifties and seventies. The focus is on the employee as a person, the products are merely the expression of an integrated way of thinking that has the well-being of all those involved in the company in mind. Of course, it is not only about celebrating the joy of work at Suesskind. In fact, the user of our products, i.e. you! We are happy to give our best every day to make this happen.